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2 Jun

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Email Ad System

12 Apr

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To Your Success

Gary Wells

Get 10 Dollars in Bitcoin Free

3 Apr

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Here’s to Your Success

Gary Wells

I made $342 Overnight with this System

6 Jan


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To Your Success

Gary Wells

Get Your Golden Ticket to Promote Without Credits

3 Jan

Hi ~fname~

2022 is here and lots of things are changing online, but there is one thing that never changes in online marketing …. YOU NEED MORE WEBSITE VISITORS!

No visitors to your website, opportunity, or lead capture page means NO SIGNUPS!

I am happy to tell you about the first big traffic site launch of the year, Golden Ticket Traffic.

Golden Ticket Traffic is a high quality website traffic generating machine that can bring you a steady daily traffic of interested buyers. It is a safelist, but with an interesting twist.

Each morning, one member is selected to win that day’s Golden Ticket. When you have the Golden Ticket, you can send 2 emails that day to the entire members … WITHOUT using any of your hard earned credits. To qualify for the drawing, you just have to click on at least one link to earn credits the previous day.

Golden Ticket Traffic even has a special bonus for the first 500 members who join and log into their account. They will give you enough credits to send your email to 1,000 subscribers as a free signup bonus. It is fast and easy to signup, login, and get your bonus!

Join Golden Ticket Traffic today and immediately log into your account. With 24 hours of your login, they will add the 1,000 credits to your account.

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Gary Wells

Residual Ad Network

22 Dec


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Residual Ads
Residual Income


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To Your Success

Gary Wells

NEW – 2 Daily Gifts Worth Up to $20 Each

22 Nov


If you want more traffic to your website, opportunity, or lead capture page … then let me give you a gift. Actually, let me give you 20 gifts!

Between now and December 1st, my friend Matthew is giving away hundreds of dollars in free traffic as his way of saying thanks for everyone’s support in 2021. You can get 2 free traffic gifts every day. Each traffic gift is worth up to $20!

You can join below for free and claim your gifts right now. You could have free traffic coming to your website, program, or lead capture page in minutes.

Join Giving Thanks 21 to claim your daily traffic giveaways, including tens of thousands of mailing credits and multiple solo ads!

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Gary Wells

4 Days Only – Send a Free Solo Ad to 5,000 Members

19 Nov


TopTierTraffic is relaunched and giving away 5,000 mailing credits to all new members!

More signups and sales come from generating more quality website traffic to your offers. That is why you need to join the NEW TopTierTraffic. They have cleaned up the member’s list so only the most active remain. They want to see your ad, program, or lead capture page.

If you join (or rejoin) TopTierTraffic before midnight on Sunday night, you get 5,000 mailing credits. That is enough credits to send your ad out to 5,000 hot prospects. It will generate lots of traffic to whatever you promote. Just click below, sign up, and then log into your account to get your free solo email credits!

It ends Sunday, so take action now and get your free emails.

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Gary Wells

MTE Ad Promotions

29 Oct

Promote Your Business Now!


Our entire focus is promoting you and your business.
MTE Ad Promotions is all about helping you promote your business, your brand, and, most important of all, you.

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Gary Wells

This is So Easy a Newbie Can Earn $100 Checks

25 Oct


Want to get in early on the hottest new money making program out there?  Now is your chance.

This program is based on providing marketers with the most important service for success … EASY EMAIL MARKETING.  I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that my email management system will be the last monthly payment I ever cancel.  That is because effective email marketing is the key to every successful earner.

This new program is the easiest and most powerful email marketing system there is.  It replaces Click Funnels.  It replaces AWeber.  It replaces Get Response.

Everything that a marketer needs to build, track, manage, and send emails to their lists is included.  It has people cancelling those expensive monthly services left and right.

You can earn $100 commission checks by promoting this break through system and get Lifetime Access to use it yourself.  You send traffic to your referral page and when someone buys you earn $100.  It’s that easy.

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Gary Wells

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