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Premium Traffic Mailer

18 Oct

Free 1,000 Member Solo Ad at New Traffic Site


There are two things you need to look for in a source of website visitors for your website, product, program, or lead capture page. You need traffic quantity and traffic quality.

Tons of useless traffic from people who are not interested in your offer doesn’t help you. Even worse is automatic or bot traffic that isn’t even real people. How do you make a sale to a bot?

Today, you don’t have to worry about that because Premium Traffic Mailer just launched. This is the first site with a unique backend system to ensure you get both quality and quantity. It makes sure that your email ads get opened, read, and clicked!

You can try it easily with 1,000 free credits just by joining and logging in. That is enough credits to send your solo ad to 1,000 hot prospects!

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Gary Wells

13 Oct

NEW – More Traffic With Less Work

Hi ~fname~

Did you see the news? The NEW All Active Mailer has relaunched and is more effective than ever.

The days are gone where you can just keep sending people endless emails and expecting a response. Most safelist mailers don’t understand this. That is why you can send your emails to 80,000 addresses and only get a handful of clicks in return.

The email providers, like Gmail, have new standards for bulk email. If you want your emails to end up in the Inbox … you have to pay attention to their rules. If your emails aren’t getting a certain open rate, then Gmail will spam folder ALL OF THEM … now and in the future.

How do you expect to get results if your mail is going in the spam folder?

The NEW All Active Mailer makes sure that your emails get opened because they don’t send them to people who are not actively opening emails. By running a “very clean list” they get priority placement at Gmail and other email platforms. It works like a high-end email management system. Their email servers have a higher email reputation than those at Get Response or AWeber.

Sending to only the most active members means that it takes less credits to get more clicks too. That means less time spent clicking on emails to earn credits. Why spend time earning credits to email people who aren’t opening your emails anyway?

Get more signups and sales by adding All Active Mailer to your marketing arsenal. They just relaunched on Monday and are giving away a free Supercharged Solo Ad to over 35,000 prospects to every new member who joins.

Join for free and get your free solo email to over 35,000 prospects.

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Gary Wells

Fun way to get Traffic and Earn!

11 Sep

I have found the Best way for you to get Traffic and at the same time earn an Income and I think you will agree with me when you see it.

Just Click Here and Join and Have a blast.

Gary Wells

New Tool Gets Signups and Sales for You

9 Sep

Fast Traffic Mailer

All internet marketers need quality website traffic to get more signups and sales. Your future customers are out there … you need them to see your site or opportunity.

However, many traffic generation methods, like social media, blogging, search engine optimization, or YouTube can take months to start delivering any visitors at all.

If you are looking for visitors interested in making money online or network marketing, then there is no faster way to get your traffic flowing than Fast Traffic Mailer. Mailer programs can start sending you hundreds of visitors right away. You don’t have to work for months, hoping that it will pay off.

Fast Traffic Mailer just launched and is growing fast. Hundreds of fresh new prospects want to see your opportunities! New mailers are awesome!

Join now and you can have thousands of visitors in the first 7 days. Beat that bloggers!

Join Fast Traffic Mailer for FREE!

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Gary Wells

Send Your Email to 50,000 WITHOUT Clicking

30 Aug

Want to send a free solo ad to promote your site to 50,000 people who are waiting to see your opportunity?

Getting your offer in front of more people is critical to success and Supercharged Solo Ads does it quickly and easily.  I have a free solo ad from the site as my gift to you.  I also have tens of thousands of credits from other top sites that I want to give you as well.

These gifts are all part of the Hot Summer Traffic Giveaway where different sites are giving a traffic package each day worth at least $5.  Over the summer, it will be hundreds of dollars in free traffic.

You can claim the solo ad and gifts, even if you are already a member of the site.  It is giveaway time for everyone!

Join Hot Summer Traffic to claim your daily traffic giveaways, including a free solo ad at Supercharged Solo Ads!

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Gary Wells

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