Viral Credits Mailer

10 Aug

NEW LAUNCH – Let Your Downline Earn Your Credits

Are you tired of working so hard for every visitor to your site or subscriber to your email list? Click, click, click … send, send, send … day after day.

Well, now there is a solution that let’s you earn credits and get email subscribers, even when you are not working. It is called Viral Credits Mailer and it different from anything you have ever seen in the safelist world.

Viral Credits Mailer gives you truly viral promotion and email list building.

  1. When your downline clicks links to earn credits … YOU EARN CREDITS TOO.
  2. When your downline gets a new referral … YOU GET THEM ON YOUR EMAIL LIST TOO!

These new viral features will allow you to earn credits and build your email list easier and faster than ever before.

Join me at Viral Credits Mailer and experience the difference!

Join Viral Credits Mailer for FREE!

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Gary Wells

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